Thrive’s Philosophy of Care core values:

Play. Learn. Discover. THRIVE. 

Play. Our hope is that every child served at Thrive Early Learning Center will find joy in learning by discovering the world through communication and play.  Digital data collection allows for us to spend more time playing and less time completing paperwork- all with the same results families have come to know and trust with Applied Behavior Analysis.  Every moment of play is an opportunity for a child to learn through experience and we won’t waste one minute of your child’s opportunities.  Our staff enjoy play just as much as your child, and we invite you to come play with us!

Learn.  At Thrive Early Learning Center, your child’s learning is our top priority.  Every child can learn and the empirically based science of Applied Behavior Analysis has proven results.  We have purposefully designed our learning environment to provide your child with experiences that are meaningful and enjoyable. Every day your child is here with us, we have the opportunity to teach something new: a new skill, a new word, a new positive behavior. We take your child’s learning seriously, and that is why we insure that your child’s instruction is coming from highly trained staff and provided in 1:1 or small group teaching setting in our beautifully designed space.  Experience how joyful learning can be at Thrive!

Discover. As the skills begin to emerge, your child will begin to discover new and exciting things in the world around them.  At Thrive, we devote as much of our instruction as possible to tangible, hand-on activities that allow your child to experience learning in real time.  We believe that activity based instruction creates a more naturalized and generalized learning environment which expels faster acquisition and sustained mastery.  Children should smile, children should laugh, children should experience.  Come discover the difference with us at Thrive Early Learning Center.

THRIVE. Empirically based research, data analysis, prescriptive technique and expert application are just a few of the characteristics that help your child learn here at Thrive Early Learning Center- but it is the way we teach at Thrive that has lasting results.  We teach naturally from the start and generalize from the beginning. After a target has met mastery criterion, we have three phases of maintenance to ensure your child keeps that skill within their repertoire.  Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance are safeguards to ensure that your child has retained what has been taught and can demonstrate that skill across a variety of people and environments.  We are excited for you to see your child Thrive at school, at home and in the community!