Our Leadership Team

Jaclynn Bosley

Owner and Executive Clinical Director

Jaclynn is the Owner and Executive Clinical Director for Thrive Early Learning Center.  Prior to opening Thrive in June of 2020, Jaclynn has had 22 years experience teaching and working with autistic children and their families of all ages/stages of learning and life.  Jaclynn is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Certified Ohio Behavior Analyst, and licensed Principal with the state of Ohio. Jaclynn holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education (John Carroll University 2003), a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership with a concentration on Elementary Administration (John Carroll University 2007) and obtained her post-graduate certification in Applied Behavior Analysis from Penn State University (2010).

Spanning two decades in educational and behavioral instruction and consultation, Jaclynn’s career experiences have included positions as a private home behavioral therapist (2000-2003),  Coordinating Teacher and Educational Coordinator at the Lerner School at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism (2003-2009), public education experience as a Special Education Supervisor for Riverside Local Schools (2009-2012), and Educational & Behavioral Consultant and Director of Program Development for KidsLink, a non-public, private separate facility serving children with autism (2012-2019).

Jaclynn has utilized her expertise in the area of autism and special education to partner with districts and families on educating them of the importance of intensive intervention.

Jaclynn has presented at the local and regional level on a variety of topics related to Special Education, Autism, Behavior Modification, Executive Functioning Skills and Applied Behavior Analysis, specifically on the following topics: function of behavior, treatment of severe aggression and self-injurious behavior, reinforcement principles, executive function deficits, discrete trial teaching, behavioral modification, and crisis intervention.  Jaclynn provides consultation in a variety of local school districts across the greater Cleveland area, working directly with students or by providing professional development training to staff on best practices and efficacious treatment plans to support student needs.

As the Owner of Thrive, Jaclynn is continuing to fulfill her passion of working with children with specialized learning needs through her mission of “Play. Learn. Discover. THRIVE”.  Jaclynn whole-heartedly believes that every child’s learning journey should be an active and engaging process of play and discovery.  Thrive’s mission to serve young children is fulfilled through an interdisciplinary approach, consisting of education and related service specialists that work together to create an individualized care plan for every child that attends Thrive.

Kristin Purcell

Clinical Director

As Clinical Director, Kristin oversees the daily operations at Thrive.  Kristin brings to Thrive an extensive background in educational leadership, with a focus on staff training/development, organizational management and client relations.

Kristin possesses  an undergraduate degree in psychology from Mount Union University (2001) and completed her coursework in Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute Technology (2009).

Kristin will continue to  serve as a Board Certified associate Behavior Analyst for Thrive providing behavior analytic services to clients within  Thrive’s early intervention program as well as clients within the public school setting.  Kristin has previously executed the position of Clinical Director at a private, separate facility for children with autism ages 5-22.

Jessica Emick PhD

Pediatric Psychologist

Dr. Jessica is a licensed Pediatric Psychologist. She received her Master of Arts degree in Neuropsychology from the University of Northern Colorado and her PhD in School Psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park. She frequently presents nationally on topics related to assessment, autism spectrum disorder, and early childhood development and teaches in a graduate psychology program. She specializes in comprehensive neurodevelopmental evaluations for young and school age children and providing support to parents of children with Autism.

Rebecca Embacher

Student Services Coordinator / BCBA

Rebecca is an experienced, dually licensed Intervention Specialist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has spent over 15 years practicing in the field of education and behavioral services.  Rebecca has held esteemed positions in the region’s top specialized learning centers for individuals with autism and brings her expertise in curriculum development, behavioral plan design and professional development training to the Thrive. As the Student Services Coordinator Rebecca develops new student programming and provides continuous oversight to ensure ongoing educational success.

Our Related Services Team

Lauren Baird

Occupational Therapist

Cailyn Hays

Occupational Therapist