Applied Behavioral Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis is the primary methodology for instruction at Thrive. The following are examples specific components of ABA teaching that your child will have exposure to:

  • Pivotal Response Training (PRT)- A play based approach to teach language, play and social connections.
  • Discrete Trial Teaching- A systematic training technique which teaches identified targets using a series of repeated practice “trials” in discrete (reduced distraction field) presentation.
  • Errorless Learning- a specific technique which eliminates student error by providing an early prompting to technique to insure student success.
  • Behavioral Therapy- Targeted programming developed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst which reduces interfering behavior and increases positive replacement behavior display.

How We Do It

How do we create such grand impact on such little learners? Easy! We rely on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis as the guiding principles coupled with the experience of Early Childhood Educators and expertly trained staff.

Our classroom model is inclusive of 1:1, small group and whole group instruction. With related services of speech  and occupational therapy threaded throughout learning activities, your child has access to a totally comprehensive learning package. The traditional model of intensive but separate therapies makes generalization for the learner more difficult and since all activities are overlapping at Thrive Early Learning Center, your child has exposure to content, modeling and repeated practice opportunities across domains simultaneously- which accelerates their skill acquisition.

Our expert therapy services department can also provide individualized therapy outside of the school day, to reinforce learning concepts and further enhance behavioral improvements. Using skillfully derived communication and occupational therapy plans, Thrive related service professionals will develop treatment plans prescriptive to your child’s needs.

Meeting your, and your child’s, expectations

  • Every child at Thrive has a team of professionals behind the scenes developing an educational plan prescribed specifically to meet their needs.
  • Upon student intake, assessments are conducted to determine your child’s strength areas, emerging areas, and deficit areas.
  • Your Expert Care Specialists use these results to develop your child’s learning profile and treatment plan.
  • You can expect a comprehensive care program that addresses emerging and deficit areas across domains.
  • At Thrive, your child’s exposure to these domains is not limited to 1:1 therapy time with individual providers.
  • Behavior therapy includes speech and occupational therapy targets and our related service providers prescribe our play routines to include multiple opportunities for language and motor activities.
  • Targets are never isolated, but rather embedded into functional routines and play.